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We have been invited to Faith Church's Parenting Conference! Childcare and meals provided! Pastor Doug is attending. 

Please see the below information & register:

Dear Friend,

The Psalmist says “behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward” (Ps. 127:3). Indeed, children are a sweet gift from the Lord, which also means He entrusts us with them. They are to be stewarded for His glory. But that stewardship isn’t always easy, is it? In this present cultural moment, parenting can be a challenge. If we don’t intentionally train and catechize our kids, the world surely will. As a father of four, I certainly need help with my parenting. Perhaps you can relate.

In light of this, we are pleased to invite you to our Faithful Parenting Conference on April 5-6 at Faith Church (5910 Price Rd., Milford). Even if you are not a parent or grandparent, we all can benefit from considering how the church is called to shape young people with God’s Word and Gospel. You will thoroughly enjoy our plenary speaker, Mike Bullmore, a seasoned pastor, Bible teacher, father, and grandfather. Prior to pastoring, Mike served as a professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School near Chicago. Other gifted pastors and brothers and sisters will be delivering practical breakouts as well. Please join us! Please scroll down for more information about the conference schedule and breakout sessions.


Godwin Sathianathan (Lead Pastor of Faith Church)


  • Optional Dinner provided for those who sign-up | Registration | Kids’ Drop Off | Bookstore Open (5:15-6:15p)
  • Session 1 – “A Biblical Vision for Parenting: 6 Principles” – Mike Bullmore (6:15-7:30p)
  • Break / Bookstore (7:30-7:45p)
  • Session 2 – “Bringing Them Up: Training & Instruction” – Mike Bullmore, and Brief Q/A Time (7:45-8:30p)
  • Bookstore open (8:30-9p)
  • Optional Grab-and-Go Breakfast & Bookstore open (8:15-8:45a)
  • Practical Breakout Sessions (8:45-9:45a)
  • Break / Bookstore (9:45-10:15a)
  • Session 3 – “Winning Their Hearts: Building Relationships with Our Kids” – Mike Bullmore, and Extended Q/A Time with a panel (10:15a-12p)
  • Bookstore open (12-12:30p)

Breakout Sessions

Our breakout sessions are one-hour talks by local pastors/leaders that will dive into specific areas of raising children. Below is the list of the five options we are offering Saturday morning.

Leading Family Worship
In this breakout session, we will get very practical about how to engage in two time-honored methods of investing biblical truth into our children — family worship and catechism. If you have never practiced these, or if you are a pro, you will benefit from this session.
Instructor: Pastor Kurt Strasser, from Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church

Having Faith for Having Children
God says, “Be fruitful and multiply.” But having children is hard, not to mention expensive. Do you want more, but you’re scared? Do you want to be done? Come learn more about faithfully examining the question, “How many kids should we have?”
Instructor: Pastor Alex McNeilly, from Christ Church Cincinnati

Shaping Young Minds in Babylon
The Bible tells us that we Christians are aliens and sojourners, residing temporarily in a worldly Babylon. So we find ourselves with the difficult but vital task of shaping the next generation in Babylon. How do we faithfully train young minds with God’s truth, when the world around us often promotes lies?
Instructor: Mike McKenna, Headmaster of Mars Hill Academy

Faithfully Parenting Kids with Disabilities
Being parents of children with special needs is a blessing from God. But the question often presses in: how do we be the faithful parents we are called to be in such a different and often difficult setting? The purpose of this breakout session is to give gospel hope to parents who have children with special needs.
Instructor: Pastor Jeremiah Bass, from Cincinnati Primitive Baptist Church

Shepherding Little Hearts
Kids have hearts like ours—just, littler. So amidst the chaos of keeping them alive, teaching them fractions, and feeding them vegetables—how do we get to their hearts? This breakout will consider how to apply the gospel to life’s real issues—when life’s real issues are experienced by those under 10.
Instructors: Drew & Bekka French, Pastor and wife/biblical counselor at Faith Church