Welcome to Monterey Baptist Church!

At MBC, we are dedicated to glorifying God in all that we do (Ecclesiastes 12:12-13). This primarily manifests itself in the faithful preaching and teaching of God's Word, loving one another, and serving our community. God, through the work of Christ on the cross and the Holy Spirit on our hearts, has reconciled us to Himself and regenerated us. Therefore, we love the things that God loves, and seek to share that love and reconciliation with all. 

We meet at 945am for Sunday School. We have a structured adult class, an expository class, a childrens class, and a nursery.

We meet at 1045am for the Sunday service.

Though the classes and service won't technically begin until the top of the hour, we list our start times at :45 because our culture is one of fellowship, and we strive to include time for social interaction. We don't believe in, or practice, consumeristic Christianity. The Bible teaches, and the fruit of the Spirit demonstrates, that the Christian life is lived out in community. Our Sunday mornings open and close with people sharing life together, arriving early and lingering after. 

We are located at 5345 Hutchinson Road in Batavia, OH, right next to Clermont Northeast school district. 

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