Mormonism 101

Many people have been greeted by Mormon missionaries at the front door of their homes. Have you ever wondered what the beliefs and teachings of the Mormons, or Latter Day Saints, are? Join us for a study on their faith and teachings, how it compares to Christianity, and how to share the Gospel with your Mormon neighbors. 

The religious or sacred texts of Mormonism (Latter Day Saints) are: 

  • The Pearl of Great Price:
  • Journal of Discourses:
  • Book of Mormon:
  • KJV Bible: though they list it, the Mormons reject the Bible, claiming it is not accurately translated and much of it has been lost through transimission (though it has not been, especially considering every Bible is translated directly from Greek and Hebrew into another language, not from Greek, to Latin, to English, etc.). We therefore need to rely on the above works to know the truth. 

These are the audio recordings of the Mormon evangelism series at MBC. It is a brief  introduction to Mormonism, discussing the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in comparison to Christianity for the purposes of evangelism. It is adapted from Walter Martin's chapter on Mormonism in his book The Kingdom of The Cults, 6th edition, tailored for MBC'c context and purposes. Additional works cited are from Apologia Studios, The Maze of Mormonism by Walter Martin,, and The Ten Most Important Things You Can Say to a Mormon by Rom Rhodes. There are many citations from the LDS's holy texts, their "Four Standard Works," authoritative Mormon scholars and other representatives of their church and teachings, and the LDS website. 

Disclaimer: the handout for this class is a pdf that may open with the title: "Capitol Hill Bapitst Church." This is because the Microsoft Word document was originially from CHBC and was used for formatting. None of this material comes from CHBC. 

For any quotes or teachings not cited explicity in these recordings, please email pastor Doug Brown to get them at