Roman Catholicism 101

In this series we discuss the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and compare it to the Bible and Protestantism. This is not an in depth study, but one intended to eqiup the members of MBC to engage Roman Catholics with the Gospel. The recordings and outline handout are provided (click a recording to get them). 

Santification Position Paper: Pastor Doug has provided a position paper on SANCTIFICATION, comparing John Wesley's and the Roman Catholic Church's teachings on it to the bibliclal teaching. See the Doctrine of Salvation recording. 

This series is an adaptation of Capitol Hill Bapitst Church's evangelism seminar, edited for our context and needs. Other resources for this series are:

  • Reformanda Initiative (website & podcast).
  • "40 Questions About Roman Catholicism,"  by Dr. Gregg Allison.
  • The Roman Catholic Church Catechism.
  • The Council of Trent.
  • The Second Vatican Counsel.
  • The Catholic Encyclopedia.
  • The Fourth Lateran Council.

For an in-depth treatment of Protestantism vs. Catholicism, see the work of Apologia Studios at the following link: